Disclaimer And Warranty




Weyers Custom Handles is NOT liable for lost equipment while under use.  This includes all handles, trick releases, and bindings.



Water skiing is a dangerous sport.  Weyers Custom Handles, or any of its agents, assumes no responsibility for ANY injury or accident incurred while using any Weyers Custom Handles products or items it sells.

Use of Weyers Custom Handles's products and participation in the sport of water skiing involves inherent risk of injury or death.  To avoid the risk of injury or death, use the equipment in its use intended.


Inspect your product before each use.  Do not use if damaged.


Falling and the injuries that may result are inherent risks in the sport.  All injuries sustained are the operator's liability and not on Weyers Custom Handles.


When using a handle equipped with a toe harness please be aware that there is a risk of injury or death.  The toe harness is a "bear trap" type of harness, and requires the use of a "trick release" apparatus operated by an experienced operator.


When using a handle wrapped around any body part the risk of injury or death may occur.  When using it in this manner you are accepting all resposibility and liability.


When using a handle without the use of your hands the risk of injury or death may occur.  When using it in this manner you are accepting all responsibility and liability.


All Weyers Custom Handles products are backed by a limited two (2) year warranty for handles.  If there is a defect in a handle Weyers Custom Handles will repair or replace the defective material free of charge.


What is not covered in this warranty are the following wear and tear parts: rope, and the foam float tubes.


The cost to ship a damaged product to Weyers Custom Handles is non-refundable, and is the responsibility of the customer. It is not Weyers Custom Handle's responsibility.