As of 2015 we no longer use corrosive metal grommets.  All of our handles have heavy-duty durable nylon grommets.  We are the only handle manufacturer to have this feature.  No more galvanic reactions between the aluminum core of the handle and the grommets.  This is especially key for those of you that ski in salt water.

Left- Our bars.  Right- All other manufacturers.  Thicker is better!  We use a thicker and more durable tacky rubber grip. Result is a more comfortable  and durable handle.

Weyers Custom Handles takes pride in using parts exclusively made only by US factories.  We believe in supporting American jobs.  Many others choose to use cheap inferior materials from China.  Also we take pride in the fact that all parts of our handles do not use any other handle manufacturer's parts or rope like others do.

Top- Other's "Slim" line float.  Bottom- Our 9" slim line float.  Not big and bulky like all our competitors.  Best floats on the market.